SRS Company

The SRS non-profit company was first founded by in 2001. She along with Karen Flammer, Alann Lopes, Terry McEntee and Tam O’Shaughnessy created this nonprofit to help educate and inspire the young masses in fields of maths, engineering, technology and science (STEM)

It was defunct for a while after the death but was recently relaunched on October 1st 2015. Flammer is not the director and O’Shaughnessy the executive director.

What SRS Does

It primarily focuses on bettering STEM education by using online programs, camps, lectures, courses and helping teachers better impart knowledge. The whole idea is to bring the future generation up to speed with STEM literacy and also help them understand how it is going to affect the future technologies in the decades ahead.

Some programs currently operational under SRS includes the Cool Careers in STEM initiative and the Key Concepts in Science program. The latter is focused towards teachers and giving them specific professional models and instructional material to help teach students better. While the former is more of a recruitment program to help inspire young students in STEM fields.

Activities from 2001 till 2015

Prior to the relaunching in 2015, SRS had conducted the following activities.

  • Held hundreds of SRS festivals in colleges across the country.
  • Held the National Engineering Design competition for total of eight years and made the Some Assembly Required documentary on the 2008 competition.
  • Designed total of 90 career books on STEM with over 200 investigation modules.
  • Held the SRS Academy for total of six years.
  • Responsible for training over 30,000 teachers and thus reaching 6 million plus students.
  • Operated the EarthKAM and MoonKAM NASA outreach programs letting students take pictures of Earth and Moon from space.