Mechanic & Garage Insurance – What To Know

Mechanics and garage owners have a lot to consider when starting up, running, and maintaining their business, whether it’s caring for customers, treating them and their vehicles with respect, or making sure that all their employees and contents are covered properly in terms of insurance. With the many aspects included in the trade, it is easy to forget one or two when it comes down to ticking every box.

The motor mechanic industry is forever growing due to the number of people starting up their own businesses as mobile mechanics, or operating from their own garages. This can always cause a backlash of customers going from one garage to another when their vehicle needs work, sometimes for the wrong reasons, for example somebody you know that lives round the corner will be preferred to a large garage that is a few miles away, simply because it seems more convenient. On the flipside however, professional and reliable garages that do a good job can rise up the pecking order and establish a good name for themselves providing everything is done properly.

Preparing your business for any circumstance is vital, as anything can happen in the motor trade industry, and affect your business in many different ways, but hopefully some questions you may have will be included here to clarify any needs you may have, and possibly even bring up points that you haven’t thought about. Even if not, it appears that are a number of questions that Traders ask online on forums and discussions regarding their business and how to manage it.

The most primary question online when it comes to mechanics and garage owners who are starting up a business of their own, is “do I need Motor Trade Insurance?”. Effectively, the answer is yes, regardless. Essentially, there is Mechanic Insurance and Garage Insurance available on the market – these are both specialised versions of Motor Trade Insurance that cater to your specific businesses with altered levels of cover to guarantee you are protected from an insurance perspective. Anything from the business premises, to the contents inside and vehicles can be insured.

In the same category, is the question “I’m starting a mechanic business – what insurance do I need?”. The answer is always going to be Motor Trade Insurance off the bat, but what comes with it, depends on what specific other insurable interest you have within the business.

Your employees are just as important as you when it comes to your business too – they’re your work horses that get the jobs done for you, so having good structure in your workplace that is reliable and noticeable by customer and the general public is a massive bonus. This way, you can be recognised as a reliable company that is well-organised. Most people judge a company – especially garages and mechanics – by how professional they seem to be, so this can prove vital.

Despite this though, there will always be circumstances where your customers are not satisfied – no matter how much of a decent, professional company you are. In the case that someone would complain or claim that you haven’t professionally treated them or their vehicle, you will need you insurance to cover you for something called professional indemnity. This defends you in the case of a claim arising from somebody feeling that they have not received professional service. Most insurance policies tend to come with Professional Indemnity, but it’s definitely recommended that you ask about it when speaking to an insurer to see if they can provide it for you.

At the end of the day, it’s all about ticking boxes as I mentioned earlier. Covering every base within your business will help you work your way up the ladder. Provide a good-looking business with good structure, get everything covered in terms of insurance to provide protection for each aspect, employ reliable employees that do a good job and go above and beyond for customers, and before you know it, you will have a business that gets regular positive feedback, and a customer base that will only build and build from day one.

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